I uh.... Yeah! I did it! ...Yay! I a.... I probably should be getting back to writing gay porn, now.
  • E Johannsen Wait, how do you get this? I've never seen any other Blackspear message from Tomoko besides the interview video...
  • Thomas lol criminal background lets sell some drugs
    • Keiryu it´s the easiest character to get some cash(as long as you use the Save and Load trick) it´s also my second most used character ^_^
      • Thomas I like to pick casual i wouldn't mind but its so much different than me that it's a little to thug life for my preferences.
  • Bober gj
  • SimMan Congratulations, you have completed mission almost impossible.
  • Robin Nice. Now you can call yourself one of the lucky few who got it without cheats. It's a pretty exclusive club so seriously: congratulations! :p

    By the way, just curious how many retries did you need?
    • Keiryu yeah realy exclusive of course that was before someone(i won´t point my finger at anyone) posted a guide on how to get this ending but of course if you did it without the guide/cheat then congrats to you [86071,Freak] ^_^
      • Freak Thank you! And, actually, I didn't really use the guide so much. I played through this game so much that I had ideas as to how to do this without being "testbug." So, I got it mainly from experience, more than the guide... Tips... Thing. xD
      • Robin The guide is more a collection of tips actually.
        It's still very hard even if you do follow them.

        I just thought guide sounded better than "collection of tips" :p
        • Keiryu well you are kind of right it is a guide i have wroten shorter guides with a lot less logic in them so yeah i still call it a guide(and yeah sounds better) but it´s not as hard as before trust me i tried my way and the "Guide way" it was easyer-ish o.O or maybe i just realy suck at this game ^_^
    • Freak I dunno... I think this was maybe my... fifth? The thing about this ending, is that it makes the game so short, so it helps.