Censoring... I think
I really did enjoy riding those donkeys, no matter how slow they were.
Also, one animal closer for the cheevo... If I didn't win the game before I could find and killed everything.
  • ura you should use actual tits, not whatever those birds are
    • Robin Thank you. I just got what she tried to do. Didn't get it before with the wrong birds there...
      Feel kind of stupid now, but it also made this post a lot funnier to me :p
  • Robin An animal that's funny is the most useful thing you can find in this world :p
    I normally love animals, but not so happy of them showing up in this particular picture, haha.
    • Freak Yeah, unless you're getting shot at. A donkey doesn't make a good get-away car. ^^;
      Though I'm sure it can still keep up with a train...
      • Robin Lucky for me, I don't get shot at that much :D
        • Freak I did.... The first few times I saw someone get chased by people shooting him, (usually) I would hog-tie the people with the guns. It took me a second to realize that they were the cops, and the guy running was a criminal. XD
          • Robin And that's the story of how you met your boyfriend?
            Haha, just kidding :p