Some non English words that we should have
Gemutlich;  comfortable armchair,pipe,slippers and a warm fire, that's gemutlich

Dachenfutter; dragon fodder, something nice for the wife after being out late

uitwaaien; to walk in the wind for fun

gezellig; eating oliebollen is gezellig

sian; soft sorrowful music comming from a fairy knoll
  • J I like #1 & #3. One of my favorite in Mandarin Chinese is manzou (慢走)literally meaning to "walk slowly", usually said to a departing guest meaning "please take it a little easy from time to time during your busy life."
  • Dominor The first two definitely.
  • (deleted) You should include another word:
    Japanese: HENTAI - self-explanatory .......
  • (deleted) You arent born yet???
    your b'day says so :- Birthday December 27th, 2013
  • chronoh Georgian
    Shemomedjamo: To eat past the point of being full just because the food tastes good.

    Iktsuarpok: To go outside to check if an expected visitor has arrived, over and over again.

    Pilkunnussija: A person who believes it is their destiny to stamp out all spelling and punctuation mistakes at the cost of popularity, self-esteem and mental well-being.

    And my favorite

    Mamihlapinatapai: A look between two people that suggests an unspoken, shared desire.
  • Chriskris Trust me, you don't have to eat "oliebollen" to be sociable. our "gezellig"
    It's sociable here too. w/o "oliebollen"

    Coming from a Dutchman. XD
  • Keiryu i think you mean Drachenfutter not Dachenfutter and i don´t understand what you mean with nice for the wife(unless she is a bird) i know that drachenfutter is some kind of weird cookie but it´s not that nice trust me it pretty much looks like a** and i would rather give it to some birds then eat it myself since it´s dry as all hell so yeah if you could be a bit more specific what you mean by that would apreciat ^_^