I'm still around!
Just letting everyone know I'm still around and still looking forward to lovemore and even getting around to playing 5.6 and 5.7 (yes I've been that wrapped up that I haven't gotten to play either of the new updates)
  • Keiryu Well slap me twice and call me Betty...Nice to see you still around.

    Also don't think to much about it believe it or not. I have yet to get around to play any of the updates myself...
    • Robin Did you get 6.whatever it was? Just curious, because I'd definitely recommend that one :p
      • Keiryu I have yet to touch any of the new version. Just no will to my smexy fingers around that...I mean the game so get your mind out the gutter. ;D.

        Maybe i am just waiting for that right moment. You know? When the stars align the moon touches the sun and the sky is shitting angels made out of cotton candy. That kind of special moment. ^_^

        The strange thing is. I have not been playing anything at the moment. I got myself Fallout and have yet to unbox that thing. It's literally still in that fu**ing tiny delivery box catching dust...
        • Robin Really? I'm getting it for Christmas and I'll probably play it non-stop. It looked great. Really love the Fallout-games (and that genre in general)
          • Robin The latter one seems more plausible so let's go with that.
          • Keiryu Growing up? I can't get much taller. I am already like 1.80 someshit. ;D

            But kidding aside. I think it might be that i am currently reading a lot so games don't catch my attention much...

            Well it's either that or the universe is currently in the process of rectally violating itself. Therefore breaking the fabric of time and space making everything go cuckoo.
          • Robin Maybe our little Keiryu is finally growing up? :p
          • Keiryu I am the same usually. I mean any game that allows me to kill everything just for shiz and giggles with a knife to the eyes is a winner in my book.

            Heck i even played Fallout 3 and New Vegas back to back just because i liked the idea of playing them all one after the other. But i the moment i got i was like. "Meh." and just ended up not playing it...It's weird for me too...