Keiryu/Keir&Cuddles Christmas Version 1.666
HELLO FREEDOMWALL!!! Christmas time is approaching. So. Keiryu decided it is time to upload some christmas themed stuff. Starting with myself of course. ^_^ 

Ohhhhh. It's a jolly good time, to be hunting for souls. It's a jolly good time, for a red christmas stroll. The earth will be covered in blood, by this handsome stud. There is no escape, on this here landscape. For i reach you all, and it will be your fall. Keiryu is hunting, you will be grunting. When my knife cuts you, which makes you turn blue. Lost my train of thought...Oh well, who care you still be caught.

A red christmas is coming, i can hear them drumming. Your spine will be broken, cause Keiryu has spoken. You all know that it is the end....So come to your friend. Muhahahahaha.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently procceding to have a jolly red christmas.)