SimMan One - Christmas Version 1.666
Another one of my Christmas spirit preparations. This time i am starting with the SimMan's. Who better to start it off with then Number 1 himself...

Well technically i should start with Zero but and i did start with 7/Myself but meh Details...

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out.(Currently bringing some early christmas spirit to Freedomwall.
  • Rasheed Primero wearing a hat on a hat! Time to wear pants inside my pants!
  • SimMan Who would wear a hat on top of a hat? Insanity
    • Keiryu Hey you are talking with a guy who is wearing a Hat atop of a hoodie.

      Plus i was to lazy to change the image. Not to mention if i did change it it would become less "mysterious". Since i would have to change the way his whole head is.