SimGirls Gold 7.0 - Cams @ Secret Room gets a full upgrade!
The upgrade of SimGirls 7.0 is all about the Cams inside the Secret Room, Supergirls.Inc & their manipulation to defeat SimGirls & Player's difficulty in managing his models.

*Tomoko's WashRoom Clip is removed 

* Tomoko's Gym scene (the 2nd part was visible @ maximum H Pts) is divided into 2 parts

* Tomoko/Akira detention scene is now included as one of the Cam scenes.
(It was added as a cam scene in 5.0, then removed in 5.15 & placed to Day 95 & Day 93 later).

* There are 4 brand new scenes of Supergirls.Inc & how there manipulate SimGirls.

* One more scene involves Player,Kotomi & Karin.Here, we learn more about managing multiple models :P

P.S. All 7 scenes requires using a Collectible alongwith specific H Pts.
Don't forget they are recorded scenes, so you can only watch them after a specific Day.

I am fully satisfied with this version