Huh fail?
When a random person wants to trick me..
You know...

When it comes to math or other test I won't say anything at all.
But when it comes to Anime.

Anyway, if he also was smart a few years ago Bocu No Pico was the topic on every forum.

It's either he fails, or he doesn't know much.
I go for both XD
  • Keiryu Well anyone should know Boku no Pico at this point. Considering the controversy it started...Even though i find it funny since that was not even the first one to do something like that. BUTT! Who cares.

    Also Why Tohsaka? I mean other then Rin...Just seems kind of like a strange last name to use. Might be just me though.
    • Chriskris Cuz I like that Surname.
      My love for Rin. XD

      Actually I do have alot of IGN for games.
      And "Chris Tohsaka" is one of them.
      Also like "chriskris" but 80% of al those MMORPG or any other online game or forum some1 took it. But from my experience "Chris Tohsaka" neva got taken.

      So if "chriskris" doesn't work then it will be "Chris Tohsaka"
      • Keiryu Fair enough. I am lucky since my name is rarely taken. But i do change it up little bit here and there on those rare occassions that it does happen to be taken.