• EviL MF™ I think we can all agree that manga characters are extremely overpowered.
    • Keiryu not all but most "shounen" Main Characters are overpowered or at least have some kind of Specialty that allows them to become OP in the long run Goku(Super Sayian) Naruto(Demon Fox) Luffy(Devil Fruit) Natsu(Fire Dragon Magic) etc..

      of course that will always come with enemys that are a bit stronger every new Arc DBZ(Vegeta,Frieza,Androids,Cell,Buu and Buu and Buu ^_^)
      Naruto(Sasuke,Orochimaru,Pain,Tobi/Madara/Obito/insane F**K)
      One Piece(Smoke Dude,Sand Dude,Lightning Dude,Tiger Dude, Etc...)
      Fairy Tail(Iron Dragon Dude,Fake thunder Dragon Dude,Evil,Dude who has like 3 diffrent names,Zeref,Light and Shadow Dragon Dudes,Etc...)

      so if you ask me they are kind of underpowerd compared to the enemys they fight but they always seem to end up getting some bullshit new ability at the end of every fight

      of course compared to the Marvel Heroes/Villians who all have some kind of weakness you can say that Manga Heroes are OP ^_^

      damn i am seriously pooping out long comments on this Post ^_^
      • EviL MF™ Which is why I like american comic book characters more, a lot of the popular anime series focus on the characters becoming stronger and stronger rather than an actual story.
        • Keiryu everyone their own i have no favorit i can be watchin X-man at one moment and DBZ in the other all fine with me i grew up watchin both before i even know what Comics Mangas and Animes where for me it was all Toonys(mostly because i did not have that whole speaking corectly thing down) and i still think my childhood was awesome but it is up to the person if they like it or not ^_^
  • Keiryu i love how everyone is arguing about who could beat those two so i am going to recycle my post from the other time i saw this here

    let´s face it no matter how strong hulk is he can´t beat those 2 the only ones that would have some chance is that SoB Galactus(or whatever his name is) and maybe thor(but only because he has god status wich is not that great considering hulk can give him a run for his money)

    now shalt we look at some "Facts"(as much as you can go with comic/anime since nothing is true until the creators prove it and i don´t see a Marvels meets DBZ special in the near future) ^_^

    1.Both Goku and Vegeta can destroy planets with a simple Ki blast something that was stated by Vegeta in the Sayian Saga(and something Most Sayians can do in Oozaru Mode now imagin 2 Super Sayians)

    2.Goku was able to beat enemys that could Regenarate faster and better then Wolverine(Cell&Buu)

    3.both universes have diffrent rules that so arguing about who would win is useless(it´s Like saying Arale from Dr.Slump would win against Goku from DBZ wich could be possible since Arale has the pwer of Gag-Manga at her feet but impossible by DBZ Rules)

    4.Why the hell are we trying to put Hulk as one of the Top winners for this (the moment he loses his Anger he is just a fragile little NEEEEEEERRRRRRRDDDDD!!!) ^_^

    5.Why do you try to put Wolverine as a winner here since it was stated pretty well that all he does is regenerate but that is nothing compared to Cell or Buu and Cell and even they don´t heal fast enough to hold up against a very strong Kamehameha or a Final Flash or a Genkidama ^_^

    now all in all let´s face it none of them would win against 2 duded who can literaly Benchpress a Planet mostly because every super hero/Villian always has some kind of weakness while Goku and Vegeta always get stronger when they get beaten upand always end up winning(sure it might take a whole season but they win) ^_^

    but don´t get me wrong i still like me some Marvel universe every now and then and personaly i would have Wolverine Win it all like some other people but it is just not something that would be possible for a Marvels Hero(not considering people who are mostly God like Superman/Thos/Galactus Etc.. but even they have weaknesses one way or another ^_^

    and now just because i know that no one is going to read this all i say with all my heart........................"Chicken Butt" NOW LIKE AND FOLLOW BIT**ES.........just kidding ^_^
    • THExDIVINExONE ps: Goku didn't beat cell. just a heads up.
      • Keiryu i will take away you PS mostly because he could have beaten Cell if he wanted to only reason he did not was because of 1 simple rule the main characters wins every important battle unless his lose can further develop the Rival or someone important

        that is also the reason why he got his ass kicked by android 19 and not because some stupid heart virus i still found that explanation retarded considering they live in a world where a magical F**king Dragon can bring the death back to live or give you immortality but for some reason he lacks the power to heal some kind of lousy disease

        so what they are telling us is that The death can rise but Cancer or shit like that is impossible for an all powerfull dragon yeah right -_-
        • THExDIVINExONE No, I'm pretty sure he just figured his kid had a far better chance of killing him than he did.
          • Keiryu is that the phoenix i can´t realy make it out but i think you might be right ^_^
          • THExDIVINExONE just a side note, I think the pheonix is standing to wolverine's left, right between gambit and deadpool.
          • THExDIVINExONE Fair points all around. Now lets all drink and watch chaos rain down upon the entirety of the Fandom.
          • Keiryu well i admit that the phoenix is in a class of it´s own but i don´t see it here that´s why i did not count it(might be there tough i havent seen all the Heros/Villians) and while i admit that the Hulk has not had enough challenges i still think that power wise he is weaker compared to people who can destroy entire Galaxy/planets/Etc... and until now the hulk was always the sign of fear and if i had to compare him to someone it would be not a Marvel character but Broly from DBZ

            think about it both grow in power one by Anger and the other get´s stronger just by beeing alive both are out of control monsters who can wipe out entire citys/planets(in brolys case) and both can not be killed by normal means(shooting them into the sun is one way)

            i personaly think that would be a much more interesting fight then Goku against Hulk and to your ideas you still forget one thing Breathing in space is impossible for hulk because he would turn back into a human after some time(might take Months might take years) so all goku needs to do is quickly fly/teleport into space and Hulk would be stuck there he can´t fly or use anything to jump so he has to drift and wait

            and since most heros can´t do that either it´s not a tactic that most would use against someone like him especialy since you need to get close and lets face it who wants to get close to the hulk ^_^
          • THExDIVINExONE because galactus only devours planets and got his crap handed to him about a dozen times by countless marvel super heroes. You're forgetting still that the hulk has always been able to survive massive damage that would vaporize any other mortal being and I'm pretty sure that a saiyan shooting at him with a ki blast is enough to make him angry. You also forget that in "the incredible hulk" it was said that hulks power is proportional to the amount of aggression he's exposed to. that means the more you try to kill him the more powerful he gets. the only times I can remember him actually being beaten were when just about every Marvel character got together to either knock him unconscious or get him to no longer be angry. Both of those are only temporary solutions and they don't happen often. goooood luuuuuck. Personally though, if you want to bring in the ultimate good and evil of Marvel then I'm pretty sure we all know that the pheonix needs to be discussed.
          • Keiryu ehm a lot of beeings can beat hulk you all forget what the "Original" Hulk was like and still in a way is he is a normal Human scientist who´s only strenght comes to him when he is mad he can´t even control his power now don´t get me wrong i love my marvel and hulk is great and all but no matter what he does he can not win against someone who can blow up planets with a single Ki blast and if we are talking about over powered Marvel Heros/villians why has no one(except me) brought up Galactus seriously that dude destroys entire Galaxys O.O
          • THExDIVINExONE Look, you may have the ultimate super saiyan...but we have a hulk. Gods couldn't beat him. Lasers, mass alien technology, nuclear warheads, and an entire hit squad of interplanetary assassins couldn't kill him. Do not argue against Marvel with me. When it comes to my Marvel, I know. I don't care how strong he may have been by the time he was finally old enough to retire, no mortal or immortal being will ever have the strength to kill the Hulk.
          • Robin Even if Goku isn't the strongest being in physical power, he'll always have the strongest spirit :)
          • Keiryu yeah because of the Anime Rules like i said the main character never loses the important fights Goku is the strongest beeing on Earth and Yes he is Stronger then Vegeta and Fat Buu at the end of DBZ and no i don´t count DBGT and never will unless Pan is involved but if you take that into account Goku who was shrunk and lost some of his power beat not only Cell But also Freeza at the same time and that is after those 2 where dead for quite some time which if you ask me is a long time for them to get stronger

            so no matter how much you turn it Goku will always be the Strongest DB/DBZ/DBGT Character(Not counting Fusions) right after Broly in his LSS Form since that dude has unlimited Energy

            and due to recent events mostly the new movie coming out which lead to Goku becoming probably stronger then broly but then again you have the God of Destruction who can beat him even in full power so he still only takes the 2 place(3 if you count the one who trained whis)

            so all in all please do not try to argue DBZ with me i get to much into it and end up writing stuff like this ^_^
    • Logan I love Dbz abridged and I agree.
    • Robin I almost fully agree.
      The only thing I have some doubt about is point 4. Haven't you seen The Avengers yet? These days the Hulk is always angry :p
      • Keiryu i go by original Hulk standards you know and even so you already made a point with how hulk would lose against Goku/Vegeta i just wanted to shine some light on the weakness that everyone seems to forget when they talk about him ^_^
    • goku-123 i fully agree on this :p and even if Goku and Vegeta fail to do the job, they have kids :p
    • Keiryu daaaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnn this is a long comment might even be the longest comment i ever made one blackspears ^_^
  • THExDIVINExONE first off, it's too "many" of their bones. not much. secondly, evil mf is right, the hulk would literally bite their heads off. and considering that wolverine pretty much can't die this would be a very ridiculous fight.
    • Robin If Wolverine's head is blown of he's dead so they can easily kill him.
      The Hulk might be a problem but if they blast him to the sun or just into space with a massive Kamehameha he'll still die cuz he won't be able to breath. He might get stronger when he gets angrier but he won't weigh enough to not be lifted in the air nor does he have the ability to fly so he can't use his massive force to push back once he's up there. Besides I've already seen him lose consciousness before when being lifted up pretty high so if they just shoot him up fast enough he won't even be able to react in time :p

      Haha, the things I have to invent to defend Goku :D
      • THExDIVINExONE You can't blow off his head. his skull is made of a metal that cannot be destroyed, only melted, and it's already been questioned as to whether or not his brain can regenerate considering he's been shot multiple times in the head before. And you can't just blast the hulk into the sun. do you realize how many people have tried to blow him up just to see him standing in the exact same spot, unmoved, in the wreckage? And lastly, he can create a massive shockwave just from smashing his hands together. A shockwave with a force great enough to repel walls of fire. Your energy blasts won't do crap. lol. I'll defend marvel to the death.
      • goku-123 and vegeta ofcourse :p
    • goku-123 grammar nazi :p Hulk should be interesting, but don't forget that Goku and Vegeta can fly. For Wolverine, sure he can regenerate, but if he gets blasted with a kamehame-ha wave I think he would vanish and if there is nothing left of him, he can't regenerate.

      But that's just my opinion, and like I said, I would love to see that fight, I didn't said that Goku and Vegeta would win, since in a fight, one can never tell who is going to win, alot of things can happen in a fight. I just think it would be interesting :)
  • EviL MF™ No! The hulk would destroy vegeta!
  • Shane Mmm... I got a response for you. Let me post it if I can find it again. :P
  • Keiryu already had my little rant on this Meme(from another user) so i just stick to the easy part this time only 2 that could have a chance everyone else would die a horible painfull death.....except the woman..giggity ^_^
  • Robin Worst case scenario they have to blow up the planet but they'll kick their ass no matter what :p
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