Wolf Girl "Color" Ver. 4.666
Sup everyone. Been a while since i posted. Anyway long story short. I went trough my old posts again and this time i looked at the Wolf Girl i drew ages ago. 

Then it suddenly hit me. Why don't i try to add color to it. Now be aware. I SUCK AT COLORING!!! I could never do it before and i still think i can't. Still i gave it a try and this is one of the results i got. 

BE ALSO AWARE!!! I did not draw the background. Since much like coloring itself. I suck at drawing anything that lacks "Boobs" and/or "Long hair". So yeah not my background. Only the Wolf Girl was drawn by me.

By the way here is a fun question. How many of you believe me. When i tell you i made this with the same image i posted before? Which means it was originally a crap photo i took with my crap phone. Which also means i had to cut away everything i made before i could actually start coloring.

Just let me know what you think. This is still unfinished maybe you have some ideas for improvement "Only on the Wolf Girl not the background". 

Till next time.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently wondering how to improve this.)
  • kotomifan Better than I can do. I cant draw for shit.

    Besides, she's cute. And it's a given that she likes it "doggy style", so what's not to like?
    • Keiryu Well other then the fact that as Rang reminded me. I originaly forgot to draw 1 more leg. I like this drawing. I really just want to see if i can color stuff if i put some time into it. Since i believe i suck at it.
  • ℟angßøømeՐ Anywayz, this is good artwork overall senpai. butt BUTT BUTTTT...her thighs were a bit out of proportion so I decided to help you. Didn't want to change her a lot just a small tweak. Hope you like it.
    • Keiryu Well as i said this was unfinished. Plus i honestly did not notice i made her legs like that. Complete brainfart on my part.

      Wanna know something really funny? The left side is not even a leg. If you look at this one http://se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2754/1076593.jpg

      You notice that i forgot to drwa her right leg...That's why it looks wrong. ^_^
      • ℟angßøømeՐ That's ok senpai..didn't thought amputee was your thing lol. Heck what I'mma sayying.. you are the MASTER OF INSANITY..it's no surprise. ^.^

        Well you say unfinished.. and I agree.. a piece of art is never completed..there's always something new to add. Soo next time.. PREPARE YOUR BUTT..she's gonna have a raging Dong lol...idk what's with some artisth giving their drawn girls cocks nowadays. -.-

        Anywayz, imo she looks very much completed, and if you ever choice to draw her again. I would like to see her whole and maybe a pose from behind also. ^.^
        • Keiryu Not much into amputees unless they have long hair which by defaul logic means everyone should love her. :D

          But yeah just fogetfullness on my part there. I honestly did not notice and added the color by mistake. As for the shlong part. Sadly i can't draw dicks...Not even kidding. I just can't i tried before and failed horribly...As for the Cock-Girls. Those are usually artists that are into Herms. You offten see them in Furry art and no the wolf girl is not a furry.

          Not sure though if i ever actually get around to drawing her in diffrent poses. Since i usually only draw when i really have nothing else to do. But who knows. Wait and see is all i can say.
  • Kentaro She actually is quite cute. I think the ackground is from SGL right? Clever choice there! :D
  • ℟angßøømeՐ Funny thing, I've ran into Rance and he asked about her too. ^.^