xbox VS ps4
  • Xelcas WOW the ignorance of this post. Go ahead and let me know when you find a ps4 hard drive replacement XD
    • LostCat It is actually user replaceable. The X1 on the other hand can use USB3 external storage for games without opening up the box at all, which the PS4 (last I checked) still can't.
      • Xelcas But buying a hard drive in a store isnt really an option for ps4 is what im saying. And compatibility with other brands of hard drive is pretty tough
        • LostCat "You can replace this hard drive with any hard drive that complies with these standards, is no thicker than 9.5mm, and is larger than 160GB" *shrug* sounds like 95% of modern 2.5" drives would work
  • Natsu Dragneel that's just about games you want to play, both consoles are same, doesn't matter which one is more powerful, both of them have that 30fps movie feeling :D but i think if it's not shooter gamer or race maybe, it doesn't matter (i like Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain and i totally hate Uncharted 1, worst game ever). I've never played on Xbox, just PS3, but i would play Halo series. But i preffer PC, now i'm stuck with laptop because of school. But it's not slowpoke, thank god.
    • LostCat Seeing Quantum Break coming to win10 makes me hopeful. DX12 and Vulkan should be amazing for clearing up the few problems I have with PC gaming.
      • Natsu Dragneel i don't have any problems with my new laptop now, but yeah, my 2 previous laptops were....not so good and my old PC, that's terrible now, but it's 10 years old, maybe more. i think it's just about right components from right developers and if they provide new drivers, everything should be ok. still i rather go for PC or laptop then consoles, i don't like them and i have better feeling playing on computer. MOUSE + KEYBOARD FTW!!! :D
        • LostCat I used to, but the X1 controller is so much better than the 360 controller for...pretty much everything.
          • Natsu Dragneel i've heard that old x360 controller is better, but i didn't test any xbox controller, so i can't say from experience. everyone prefers something else.
  • LostCat Someday you'll try things that are actually accurate.
  • Chriskris This one is better.