i got this idea from a post made by @℟angßøømeՐ  and @Antoniosan what would the Blackspears Community look like if we had Yu-Gi-Oh Cards ^_^

be warned that some stuff actualy might fit with some of us and some stuff is just complete Bulls**t made up by me on the spot

this is the first of many Cards i will make i probably Post 1 card each day or every 2 days

PS: if you don´t want your card to appear feel free to tell me and i will not Post it or if i already Posted it i will remove it ^_^
  • Abubakr Galant Ever thought of using it as Battle System for Simgirls, just a suggestion
  • Antoniosan You know what? Fuck it. If you can, Keiryu, I'd like for you to make a card for me, please. My only request is that it has something to do with Godzilla, and possible other kaiju or giant monsters. Maybe Avatar or Head priest to Godzilla, or something like that.
  • (deleted) Pssst can I have one?
    • Keiryu you can but at the moment i am not making any since i am to busy with work and other stuff i still have many that i need to make but once i get to it i will make on for you too so don´t worry ^_^

      and i am glad you like it
  • Robin I love posts like this. More members should come up with original stuff like this :)
    • Keiryu i agree it is a lot more fun to cme up with some funny stuff to Post or else it will just get Boring i enjoy funny Memes and half naked girls as much as anyone else but there is a limit for everything and even tough i got the Idea from the Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee card i still think it is more original then Spamming Million Chicks ^_^

      PS:I was not sure what Title i should give you but then i rememberd you status as Mod and BAM it hit me ^_^

      PPS:and stay tuned i got Some more coming up but i still take ideas so if you have some People you would like to see as Monsters just let me know and i make it happen ^_^
      • Robin I completely agree with you.
        And a card about SimMan could be nice too :)
        • Keiryu I am actualy planing that one but still thinking on the right description and i still have at least 1 more person to post before i get to somebody else

          this first 3 posts can be considered a test fase if it goes well i make more if not i stop so easy ^_^
  • SimMan cool stuff
    • Keiryu thanks just tought i do something out of my usual comfort zone in other words steal famous peoples identity bastardize them to fit my insane ideas and then get likes for wait actualy it is in my comfort zone i love doing stuff like that ^_^
      • Robin And now these posts will make you famous as well :)
        • Keiryu well i don´t think i need more fame since i still consider myself the Number one Insane D**k on this site a title i worked long and hard to get and i deserve to be called such......well either that or "KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY"(i realy like that name) ^_^

          but yeah some extra Points would be nice to maybe i finaly get into the top 20 members ^_^
      • Robin Steal famous peoples identity?
        So...That means I'm famous! Yay! :D
        • Keiryu of course you are....well you are more famous then me at least so yeah you know ^_^

          and glad you like it i will keep them coming until someone finaly say´s i should quit....or until i run out of ideas for funny comments7Effects ^_^
  • ℟angßøømeՐ I LOVVE this soooo much that I NEED IT XD
    • Keiryu oh and yeah i wait for a while i even have on for you i am planing to make one for pretty much everyone here but i will start with the people i know better like Robin and you and my "Beloved" Friend Natsu ^_^ but of course first i had to start with myself
  • Keiryu i kind of think i overpowerd myself but i can say it right now i will be weak compared to some people i have in mind ^_^