Apparently she's happy.
(yep, Valkyrie Crusade again)
  • ℟angßøømeՐ 'Hi..follow me to the forest..*follows*... to meet your final days.. *ah sh*t!..wrong choice..dead'. I Just played something like that with a fairy. Tho, I hope in your's happy scene with her. ^.^
    • LostCat I forgot to mention it also has a base (kingdom) building component that can affect how many units you can build up for said cards if you get worked over, which can slow you down if you're not paying enough attention to it.
    • LostCat It doesn't really go there. There are friendship events rather than love events (though it could be different in Japan, I doubt it's that different) which are mainly just some flavor text.

      You collect all these girls with earned points or jewels (though you can buy the jewels, they're pretty happy to give them out) and up to five of them are in your main force to trudge through places and fight encounters and minibosses, then the main bosses pop up randomly (especially in events.) It's a pretty familiar game layout overall.

      There's even some parts of it I haven't even figured out how to accomplish yet and I've played quite a bit. I guess I'd rather figure it out than look it up heh.

      I just love all the art. I've got a bunch I could share, but not yet. =)