Simgirls College RPG - My Team Stats before the Final fight
After trying the full game twice, I realized that the game's difficulty depends on my team stats.
The more increased stats, the less difficulty to play.

I really liked the music of the game, the Inanna tune is my favorite & the best.
The enemies are colorful with a lot of variations.
I was able to get all the collectibles. 
Adding more items & collectibles would make it better.
  • Keiryu I still don't see Sana as a "Priestess"...Maybe it's my deep found hate for anything related to preaching. But i just can't see it.

    Personaly. I would classify her as a workaholic or a money grabber. She just seems to constantly bounce from one thing to another just for the money's sake. Be it model, secretary/assistant, shop attendant and so on.

    Then again. I guess "Priestess" does sound better then "Workaholic/Cash Chaser".
    • Soham Banerjee I think may be these terms are more related to the powers they achieve. Sana & Kotomi are there to heal Primero. They possess high levels of SE which they can convey to Primero...
      Why did you classify her as Workaholic?
      By the way, do you know what Tomoko's DO means
      • Keiryu I know what they all mean. Those are the classical RPG game jobs really. Only diffrence is that instead of having "Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, Thief, Etc..." You have the characters respective Title or Occupation.

        Example being Primero and Tomoko who both have their "Titles" from the comicverse MP and DO respectivly. While Sana and Kotomi for example have their "Occupation" namely Dancer and for some reason Priestess.

        As i said i understand it. I just don't agree with Sana being qualified as a Priestess anytime before Lovemore. Simply because she has not done anything "Priest-like" for lack of better word...And no i don't mean molesting little Timmy behind the church when i say "Priest-like".

        But yeah kidding aside. I just don't see her as one. I would have stuck with something like "Assisstant" or "Secretary". As for why i consider her a workaholic/money chaser. Just look at my first post. Where i explained why i think it would fit.
  • SimMan Pretty much like all rpg games. Let us know if you can beat the last boss with these stats. I would get a team with 4 members at LV 80 before fighting the last boss.