^Asking the real questions.
But wait...I dont wanna die either if theres no anime. nooooooo.
  • Keiryu That's actually a simple answer. You ain't going to heaven so you don't have to worry about it. ^_^

    Anyway now that i have ruined your holy beliefs let me get the real question.

    I would say IF you went to heaven then you would have anime. However it would only be anime like Doraemon or Clannad. Mostly Slice of life everything in the world is good type of anime.

    While IF you went to hell you would have all the rest. That includes Shounen, Ecchi, Hentai and so on. Since i highly doubt old JC's Popop would be happy if you watched those things anywhere near his holy butthole.
  • LostCat It depends which anime. I can imagine hell being nonstop anime if its the terrible stuff.