Simgirls Lovemore - I am stuck here
When will I be able to win this Mini Game??? :(

Update : I finally won & this is my gift :
  • Baby Gonzo I asked my husband to do this part for me and I completed it while I was showing him how to play. (^_^)/
  • apl after 30 tries... I'm off to bed... this part sucks for people with stubby fingers like me :)
  • SimMan practice practice practice
  • Natsu Dragneel i tried this maybe 20-30x until i have won
    • Soham Banerjee I have finally won it & here's my gift :
      • Natsu Dragneel yes, i had to play it again, i've failed for first run, second run i updated to 2.3, so third run now, but finally as pink haired Natsu Dragneel ^^
        • Soham Banerjee [27656,Natsu Dragneel] That girl is Mia. So, did Ceil die in the end?
          • Natsu Dragneel no, Ceil didn't die, just lost all feelings because of that forbidden skill and me too, but thanks to that little meteorite Ceil gave me to pocket, i started regenerate
        • Soham Banerjee Ok. Did you got any ending?
          • Natsu Dragneel yes. Ceil and I used A la prochaine skill together and then she left me and island, because we lost all feelings. Some purple haired girl told me about that little meteorite and then SimMan climbed with me on some mountain.
        • Soham Banerjee @Natsu Dragneel You don't need to make all girls your soulmate in one run because the ending will be like Prom Night ending. No mega playboy ending.
          You will choose only one partner who you danced with in Gala Dinner. I guess thats where the Replay value lies.
          There is no reward for making all girls your soulmates but the trick is go for them one by one, give them appropriate gift, flirt.
          For bad mood, bath in Hot Spring & moods will be normal.
          At last, don't forget there are 7 characters in the game, 5 girls,2 boys.
          Only 1 guy has been able to make all of them his soulmate as far my knowledge.

          By the way, I want some tips from you regarding upgrading to Soulmate after Dating Partner.
          • Natsu Dragneel I know i need just 1 soulmate and i saved the game before gala dinner. well my full process is: train, train and train for first days, at least 1 month, but i thk i've trained allmost until first "danger" (i've stopped train about 1 week before danger, because i needed as many girls as posible and i've got 3 or 4 girls till first danger) and i had 3000 intelligence and self image (i've trained intelligence every day 60 energy in museum and 40en in garden "think" and then self image 60en in fitness center and 2x20en in coffee shop. when i had no money, i went to work in bank, it was for biggest amount of money and i slep in hotel, barely on beach or sailing on pier). Then i just cared about girls and making money when i needed. i talked with them and had opened quick notes in windows and wrote what they like and love and i bought them something almost every meeting, i tried to buy better things they don't have yet (camcorder, handbag,....), when i had no money, i bought them perfume or book, talked with them, took selfies, then date them (garden, cinema, coffee shop, sometimes bar, but i don't know if it only make their mood better, because i don't think their "love" to me improved by dating). when i got dating partner, i still thought i can make all girls soulmates or at least 3 of them. Oh, how silly i was. when time passed, i knew i have to choose my only target and i needed soulmate with Ceil, so through day i talked with her, selfies, dates and at the evening flirt and then kiss. i wanted at least 2/4 successful flirts, so i saved the game and loaded it many many times. And then finally at 6666 points of love, Ceil was my soulmate. then i tried to make another soulmate, but it was too far and no time, so i made another lover and then just maintain relationships for maybe week, because i didn't want to grind money and i don't know faster way to get money. most of time i had about 2000 shambalian dollars, if i needed more for handbag or something, i worked. That's all.
        • Soham Banerjee It was the same for me...but ultimately I won, ofcourse after many many trials
          • Natsu Dragneel i finally won, but just with Ceil soulmate, 2x lovers and 2x dating partner. i don't know how to make all girls soulmate in one run, or make enough money for car, ship, house. well i know how, but i would have to fight S class bandits all the time and even with this it would take a long time. any advice?