SKYRIM UPDATE: Hairstyle #4
would like to point out that I have no clue how I made the first pic I posted for skyrim so much bigger if any of you have ideas let me know :D
  • Keiryu Sometimes curls are nice too. Especially since they can hide the lenght of the hair so if you remove the curls from long hair you get even longer hair. ^_^ As for the picture. How do you take it? Do you use a Steam or something else?
    • Ian Mayer yeah I used steam because it was quick but when I view in in its folder and open it its a hell of a lot bigger -_-
      • Keiryu Yeah i have the same problem when taking screenshots. I they appear big when you open them but then small when you post them here. I usually increase them with one of the many paint programs just remember to maintain the aspect ratio. Which there is an option for that. Otherwise it tends to come out shitty.