So what are your thoughts on the first Lovemore? Who did you choose and why?

For me, I thought the game was pretty fun. I kinda turned my character into a bisexual HAHAHA!!! I thought that was kinda funny! At the Gala dinner though, I didn't know who to choose. I wanted to choose them all but I can't. I'll probably play again over and over and do each and everyone of them to see the little differences in the game. My first run through I chose Sirena. Not really anything in particular as to why, but if I had to pick something I liked from her, well I guess its because I fetish for hot blondes and she is what i would consider a hot blonde! I also like the fact that she is kind of a shadowy teaser character as she looks serious, but has a soft spot in her heart and sweet. Can't wait for Lovemore 2!!!
  • HueHueBear Regardless of my many runs, if I had to say who was my favorite choice, it would be Ceil. That is because I like how similar we are and I like how she is.

    Thoughts? It's alright. Would love to see more content in the future. Sadly I feel that the story is a bit short. It was very enjoyable, but yeah. Sad life.
  • Rester Albeit I'm not initially gay but I chose Zack because he seemed the hardest to accomplish starting out as Hostile and what not.

    My critiques
    - He is not available to see in the profile with the rest
    - He is not available to do battle like the others
    - His pictures lean towards a female companion at his side instead of a male
    • SimMan Yeah he will stay as your opponent throughout the game. That makes him one of a kind. I don't think I will ever make him join the Lovemores, but I will probably give him some other bonus scenes or features.
  • SimMan Thanks for the feedback. They are very different kinds of characters. At the end I also find myself liking them equally and I can't really say I like one better than another.