SimGirls Voting Error @
It says " Sorry something went wrong. Please refresh the page. If the problem persists please contact"
Please fix it.

  • Keiryu I literally just finished voting a second ago for the 6th time. On both this one and the one on the freedomwall. Both work just fine.

    Try again using that one. Or like i said you can use the voter on the freedomwall.

    If neither works then the error is with your browser. In which case i recommend trying a diffrent browser.
    • Robin Yeah, me too. No problems for me.
    • Soham Banerjee I tried different browser. Problem is on the website, I guess.
      • Keiryu More likely the problem is with your computer. If you changed your browser and if both i and Robin have no problem voting on both sites then the error can't be on the site.

        I literally once more just finished voting before making this comment. So the problem is with you/your PC try a diffrent one.