Buy SimGirls @ Amazon!!! shows the option to buy SimGirls!!!
  • Keiryu You can't actually buy this at amazon. To be clear this is just an add for Amazon.

    It's not saying that you can "buy SImgirls on Amazon". It's saying to "Buy at amazon" as in "Buy your shit at amazon"

    They put it there because it is the first place anyone would look. Since you know...Where else would one be looking at in a voting site? If not the subject of the vote...
    • Soham Banerjee I just wonder what would happen if it was for real!
      • Keiryu Then it would be illegal and SimMan could sue Amazon.

        But yeah it's really just for easier access if Amazon happens to have some Simgirls related items. Which it does not.

        A good example you can find is by clicking on the Katawa Shoujo link. The result ends up being a Mousepad which you can buy through Amazon.
        • Soham Banerjee I was actually wondering what would happen if [24830,SimMan] was selling SimGirls Gold on amazon! I am sure there would be millions of buyers.
          • Keiryu Nope. Problem with Simgirls is that he can't legaly sell it without risking a copyright lawsuit. He would have to change all the characters to be able to sell it. Otherwise he would have to fight Jump magazine and/or Masakazu Katsura the original creator. Especially considering how popular Simgirls is.

            Which by the way is the reason he can sell Lovemore. Since non of the DNA2 characters appear in it
  • Robin Do you know how they decide the list position? Where can you find this?
    • Soham Banerjee Read this : Our rankings are built off a complicated algorithm that uses both the votes on an item and the “reranks” of a list.

      The more upvotes and higher ratio of upvotes-to-downvotes, the higher something will rank, depending on how often and where it is reranked.

      Reranks come from the more hardcore fans who take the time to make their own ranked version of a given list; these reranks feed our ranking algorithm the most granular possible data.

      If you see something ranked differently than the votes alone would merit, it’s due to the impact of the reranks.

      Our goal is to have a credible, yet accessible crowdsourced ranking, balanced between the opinions of “hardcore fans/critics” (rerankers) and somewhat more mainstream opinions (voters).
  • Robin Well, it just searches SimGirls on Amazon. You can't actually buy it there I think.