Finally Reached the Ending.... And I am so Moved!


I finally fnished the game, and reached the ending.The Ending was Completely ..... Well, I am out of Words. Quite Literally.
It Explained a whole new meaning of love to me, a simple teenager who does little except Study and Porn. I see NOTHING in Porn nowadays. IT has completely given me a new perception about love, life, and well, .... Relationships.

And I feel like I've learned that Money is NOT all....There's more to life than money... There is much, much more to life than Money. I am feeling that fire in me, that fire which is screaming in my head, That You have not Takn orm on this mother earth to just... Pay Bills and Die :p
The Game is absolutely fantastic. The Graphics, Gameplay, and most of all, the story, is really touching.
However, amongst all the perfection, I have only one thing to ask of you.... The Game is unfinished! The Story CANNOT End like that! Me, The Player, Cannot live without DEA LOVEMORE!
I want DEA! I want her BACK! The SOL cannot disappear like that.
You invented A La Prochaine, and you must Get me and DEA Our SOL's Back!
Or I promise I won't PM you When I become the next Billionaire!
I really am taking the Project of Making Shambala a real-life Country Very Seriously. Now here's a very serious fan for you, buddy!
Else I will also Hire Leiryu to kill you. LOL. :p
That's all for the time.

  • OSB oh no... I haven't finished the game yet but I get a sense that the story will end sadly...
  • SimMan First welcome back on the board!! Second, I have sad news for you, I can't develop Lovemore 2 right away, the scale of the story requires a much bigger budget in order to do it right, so I will have to start with Rosebery first. I can promise you however that I will try every way to get to Lovemore 2 as soon as I can.
    • SimMan By the way just check out kotomifan's latest posts he turned you into Korri's brother, something I totally didn't expect.
  • Robin This has nothing to do with the post, but does using @MemberName work in post descriptions? Just wondering. (I mean for tagging a member)
  • Rasheed Yet, another player who loves the work of SimMan! The game was an absolute hit! I want more already!!!
    I did Dea's Ending first too! She's my favorite girl for some reason! Moving on, there's obviously going to be a sequel to Lovemore but for now, enjoy Lovemore as it is because Rosebery is coming up next!
  • Kentaro [24830,SimMan] This is what I have to say.... Even though I am completely speechless.
    And thank you, for creating this beautiful game. It Carries a meaning beyond a game, it carries a meaning of some very immensely important aspects of life. :)
    • SimMan Thank you for playing and giving me feedback I can't say it enough how much I appreciate that. I did put a lot of love into making the ending comes out the way it is, in fact almost every little detail in the game is there to build up that very moment for the players, and I am so happy to know that they can get the same sentiment, as described by the game title, Lovemore.