Entrepreneurial Life
  • Robin You have to be some sort of genius to be able to make glass out of a water melon though :p
    But in all seriousness, thinking out of the box is one of the best qualities you can have nowadays with a lot of schools just making close-minded parrots.
    • Kentaro We can't blame the Schooling Systems for that. They were just made to do exactly that. I guess by the owners. Right, [24830,SimMan] ?
      That's why, Sit in a row, nice and Clean, Rasie Your Hand if You wanna Speak, That's why GRADES... ( Grade A Meat? o.O ) ... Cause they program young children's Braisn to make em work in a Factory. Nothing new or Innovative. No Ideas, No Inventions, No Art, Music, Drama , or anything is given importance to in Schools. (At Least where I studied my High School, India that is)