How Do I Download Simgirls Gold?
I went to the Nightclub, clicked in Coachella and it never downloaded the site. How do I download Gold?
  • SimMan are you using google chrome? try google and remove all browser memories first if neccessary
    • Ed Yes I am
      • SimMan Maybe your firewall is blocking it? Just reconfirm it is not a download version you can only play online.
        • Ed I pre ordered Lovemore, I think I remember seeing we get the next, and last, version of Simgirls when we do.
        • Ed What is a Citizenship Card? I was able to get into Simgirls Gold...I think...but it wont let me until I get that, what is it? Just buying the actual game?
          • SimMan Are you a pre-orderer or not? If you did preorder you don't have to buy it just sign in under FOR PREORDERS. If you didn't preorder you will need that for playing Lovemore anyway.
        • Ed Went to Cacella, I see the loading circle thing going round and round.

          And 'Click to Enable Adobe Flash Player' in the background with a puzzle piece over the writing, but I cant click on 'Enable' because the loading circle wont go away. I have Flash installed.
          • SimMan Just enable flash at all time in the browser setting before getting into the site.
        • Ed How do I do that?