Ladies First Cigar Event
Today at my usual cigar lounge was a Ladies First event from 14:00-19:00. Had a huge turn out and even got my picture take with the cigar hostess.
  • kotomifan Does Ladies First mean that's that girl's first cigar? Or that she gets to choose first?
    • Fear57 Ladies are served first. $20 got you wristband to the back with food, two free cigars and able to watch the band. It switched over to club music later with live DJ after the band left. Bring your own bottle allowed. Our hostess, Jennifer (pictured) travels around the nation hosting cigar events. She's done 79 events in the past 200 days across the U.S.

      She knows how to draw the eye and since I was the youngest male there I was a little disgusted with how other men were acting around her. When she wanted her picture taken with me and the guy I was talking to I pulled a Keanu Reeves and hover handed, didn't slide up next to her either. She was kind enough to tell me to add her on F.B. so now I can follow her events that she's hosting.
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