17 years ago you may remember this iconic image. This exact fire engine now rests in my State not far away at Motts Military Museum. It came to the Museum in 2012 after an 8 month event of Mr. Motts acquiring it from the NYFD. The Department was going to use parts for scrap which would take away major parts of the truck. NYFD agreed to donate it to the Museum but wanted to keep the side door reading "18"

It was guided from New York to Ohio under police escort. It has been sitting at the Museum for 6 years now and only once a year does it get to be seen. The Museum still has not received enough funds to build the 9/11 exhibit. Once this exhibit is completed it will be the second largest 9/11 collection in the nation.

I have visited this museum several times and seeing the 9/11 wing built on is something almost all of the community wants to happen. Mr. Motts has been wanting this to happen for a long time. The museum runs off of corporate donations, grants and individual donations. I went to see 18 today and grabbed some pictures of it. You can still smell the smoke and dust from the buildings. Mr. Motts was out with the exhibit and it's always an honor to meet him.

You can visit the Museum's website here: http://mottsmilitarymuseum.org/
FDNY Ladder 18
Ladder 18 being extracted from the ruins of the World Trade Center after the September 11'th attacks.