It makes me feel good knowing I had a part in this
This is an unboxing picture taken not even 20 minutes ago of receiving a copy of "Babysitter Bloodbath" This is a game that was made by Puppet Combo (Previously Pig Farmer) games. He is a one man team that I have done things for for the better part of 10 years. I was the only alpha tester for this game and it was released in 2013 for download only.

A little bit ago, Puppet Combo announced that a limited edition of 100 copies would be made for CD release, I grabbed one for old times sake. Puppet Combo is a company that specializes in retro PS1 style graphics with true horror inspired by 1960's-1980's slasher films. He is defiantly worth a look at.
  • Fear57 [25669,Robin]
    He gained enough internet fame to reach his dream and has a game that's coming to Steam. I remember having to record tests for Babysitter Bloodbath very well. Two other people also were able to test it before it was released and it gained a lot of attention thanks to YouTube Gamers. It was at that moment I knew that he would be able to release whatever he wanted without worry of having it go unnoticed. You can download Babysitter Bloodbath from his website.
  • Robin I love the old school feel. Will definitely check it out :)