Tell me your Opinions Please...
Hello Blackspearers!
It's so amazing being here after SUCH a long while!
Life has been a tough Journey, but haha we got SimGirls to keep the fun on still...
I need an advice/opinion here, people -
If you truly and genuinely Loved someone - and the person cheated on you, then what'd you do Personally? Take revenge or Move on?
  • Rasheed Good seeing you too, I have been on and off in recent years due to my personal lifestyle.

    I can relate because I have actually been cheated on when I was 18. Back then, I took revenge by sleeping with another chick but this doesn't help. Trust me. And it's immature. The best thing I did was distract myself and do activities I enjoy doing and let time heal my wounded heart. Remember I said, "wounded" not, "broken", wounded things heal with time and sometimes care. Of course, this doesn't dissolve over night. Just always remember that, "If it was ruined it, it was never meant to be."
  • Ebony it depends.
    1. if its a first i say go see someone to work things out (but keep your eyes open and make sure if she calls you out on it to bring this up and tell her she would as well).
    2. if its been happening awhile then just leave and if she tries to contact you then tell her why and move one.
    3. if it was with many people, has lies to your face ,or if your about to get married. i say hire a private investigator (a MUST with this option) to get proof and annul the thing and boot her out (if the house is yours) and if she tries to sue you then you got the best silver bullet in the world.
    Now these are 3 of the things i would consider but right off the bat (that doesn't involve me going to jail)
  • Robin To me being able to forgive a person depends on the reason for cheating, but taking revenge never solves anything. If the person cheats just because he or she didn't care enough about you then he/she isn't even worth the time it costs to take revenge. Don't give that much control over your actions to another person, I'd just move on.
  • kotomifan 'Tis better to have loved and lost,...then to face the authorities for doing something stupid. Leave the eX behind, and go find some new XX (or XY, if so inclined). But first, catch up on your reading!
  • Kentaro After June 2017, I'm back here... Feels like having returned home hehe (^-^) I'd love to know how [24830,SimMan] is doing, how's [65583,Keiryu] 's Insanity been growing, and yes I'm going to read all of [50409,kotomifan] 's Fanfics. [25669,Robin] , how're you doing ? And how is [25033,Soham Banerjee] doing?
    I've really missed being a part of this exciting community, I'm so soo sooo glad to be back :)
    And no knives for welcoming me, Keir (*_°)
    • Keiryu A bit late to the party. But I am still around too. Lurking in the shadows mostly always watching always waiting. As for my INSANITY It's doing well thank ya for asking. Also. If I don't greet ya with a knife to the face. I won't be able to give ya a proper welcome. I for one was taught how to greet people and nobody is gonna stop me from it. Just let me sharpen my knifes.
    • Robin I've been doing very good, but like you I've also been very busy.
      I still try to visit Freedomwall as much as I can, but to be honest lately it's been limited to just the weekends. Freedom wall and SimGirls always come right in time to relax from stressful weeks :)