New ad banners on the right. I think somehow people don't know that there is a NEW VN game.
This time there are a lot more Hentai content, and you don't have to do the grinding again, assuming that you've finished the first game. Just enjoy the story!

Here's the game link:
  • Robin Yeah, I didn't realize there were 2 VN games at first as well. Only discovered last weekend, there was a whole VN game I hadn't played yet :)
  • SimMan Yes no worry. I won't use any of your artworks.
    • (deleted) Thanks for understanding. I am just really paranoid my family members will figure out I've been on this website and making lude artwork. So I am thinking of deleting my account. It may not be the best choice but better safe than sorry.
  • (deleted) This is unrelated, but may I please ask you to not use any of my artwork even if you credit me? I know I told you last year it's okay to use my drawings if you credit me or whatever but lately, I've been struggling a lot with anxiety and so, I want to take a break from social media. Therefor, I really don't want to become a public figure for now. Specially since I am afraid people in my day to day life will figure out I was the one who drew these pin ups. Is this okay?