FREE MOBILE GAME !!! Just want to say thank you to all supporters.

New contents, more secrets and lots more polished than the old PC version. It is also kind of fun to play on mobile.

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Simgirls: Lovemore College RPG - Apps on Google Play (
This game is a classic SNES style RPG. It does NOT contain any in-game purchase.

This story is based on the comics Lovemore College from the Simgirls series, which can be read for free at


Primero is supposed to be the nameless player of the original Simgirls dating sim.

The story begins when Primero went to Lovemore College and joined the Spirit Martial Arts Club (SMAC). Spirit Martial Arts (SMA) is a system of superhuman fighting skills using both physical and spiritual strengths.

Soon, the club was challenged by another SMAC from the University of Wolfchild, and through a series of unexpected events, Primero found himself embarking on an unimaginable, world-scale adventure...


- Build your own team up to 12 characters!
- Classic turn-based RPG battles!
- Discover many hidden secrets in the game!
- No in-game purchase!
- Meet the creator SimMan (hidden) in the game!