Basic controls for the mobile game Lovemore College RPG !

New contents, more secrets and lots more polished than the old PC version. It is also kind of fun to play on mobile.

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  • thomas shea is it to late to download and play this?
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  • SimMan You found the place to input the passcode right? the code is, just the most common combinations for lazy people, a few try should get you in.
    • Soham Banerjee Thanks, finally got it. The only thing which I couldn't find is the half girl half devil with lots of eyes, the one picture you posted. Is she there in the game?
  • Soham Banerjee [24830,SimMan] I searched all the 5 houses, but could't find any passcode number. More hinta please
  • Kentaro I really am Pleasantly surprised, there have been a lot of fast developments while I was away... Well, it's summer, time to kick back, relax, and play SimGirls! :D
  • SimMan On the island, one of the houses
  • Soham Banerjee [24830,SimMan] I found that a picture asks for a 4 digit passcode. How to find it?
  • SimMan great! Chainsaw massacre
  • kotomifan Game works. Now it's Wawababi time!
  • SimMan 1) Collect all photos for Hideki at the beginning of the game. Remember to talk to him after getting all the photos. If you have the magazine you will be able to buy the ultimate weapons for the team after defeating the evil queen. Talk to the old lady.
    2) After defeating the evil queen for the first time, go back to the place under the evil queen castle. There will be a mysterious guy, talk to him, and pay super close attentions to his hints (he will disappear after talking once, you may want to take a screenshot). It can be a challenge to figure out what he really means.
  • Soham Banerjee I just finished the game, but I couldn't find 2 secrets.
    1) Lovemore Magazine, which I saw in this video
    2) Meeting [24830,SimMan] in the game.Help.
  • SimMan Just head back to the original headquarters to beat the final boosss
  • Chriskris Will this game also get a Steam version?
  • SimMan Those who pm me, please check private messages for your promo code
  • Kozmos I messaged for the promo code!