Hello everyone, I am very sorry to bring some bad news.

The business is struggling and I don't have enough money to pay the team to keep the Rosebery game development going.

I tried very hard to find some solutions, including selling College RPG on google play and soon on steam, while working on other jobs to keep up with the bills.

Make no mistake, I still want to make this game happen so bad.

I am contacting some adult game developers and see if they can somehow help with the project, and I am open to all kind of options.

If all things failed at the end, I will definitely compensate all the backers of Rosebery.

Once again, I am very sorry for the disappointment. I will try my best to find the right solution to this. If you happen to know someone in this field, please kindly send me a message. Thank you very much.

Have a good night.
  • Karin94 how about creating a patreon page for your development costs
  • IKAros @SimMan how about putting Lovemore game to Steam as well. Ii'm seeing alot of adult games on steam these days. It could get some exposure and could help with money problem.
  • Crazyboy Have you tried kick starter
  • Crazyboy how about trying kick starter
  • Rasheed Hey, shit happens. Hell, I didn’t think I was going to be a father anytime soon but it’s happening.

    Know this, I am not disappointed. I am with you until the end. You think maybe some Newgrounds folks could help. It’s an idea. I really hope that it works out! You have my support!
  • Robin I wish I could help with finding some contacts, but sadly it's not an industry I am all that familiar with.
    If you can think of any way we can help, do let us know though.
    If I have any ideas myself or do happen to find someone who can help, I'll definitely let you know as well.

    We'll never be disappointed though. You've already given us a lot :)
  • Binary_Fairy Good luck! You always put everything you can into this game, so hopefully things will come through soon, I for one, have never actually worried that you were not working as hard as you could on this project. What ever happens, thank you for putting your best effort into this game, I really appreciate everything you have done for this community.
  • SimMan The Steam version of the College RPG will be up on Friday:

    Less censorship than the Mobile version (google play is straightly family friendly)