Here's my guide to Simgirls VN2, reposted from Newgrounds. I maxed Tomoko's stats on Day 15. I focus on increasing her stats first (Career, Body, Accessories, Beauty - in this order), keeping her mood just high enough to do what I want, until Day 16.
It's important to know that there is no upper limit to Tomoko's MOOD, and no upper limit to her AP during the day. If you get more mini games than I did, you might finish earlier.

Day 2-4
I work on Tomoko's Breasts (since they take AP, but does not affect her MOOD), reaching Grade D on Day 3. I max Tomoko's Breasts on Day 4, and start working on Tomoko's Legs.

Day 5
I almost max Tomoko's Legs, reaching Grade C. Tomoko can start dating on Day 6. To keep her MOOD up, I take Tomoko to the Bathroom for -10 AP each time, increasing the chance of triggering a Mini-Game for an easy 20k, which I use to buy AP.

Day 6-11
I take Tomoko's CAREER dates to the Lagoon, Classroom, Gym, and SimTower Office, and max her CAREER stats (Luck, Intel, Talent, and Fame). I reach Grade A, with a score of 5026.

Day 12
I have Tomoko date Junta exclusively from now on.

Day 12-14
I start on Tomoko's Face, maxing it on Day 14. I finish Tomoko's Legs, and reach Grade AA, with a score of 6055.

Day 15
I start Enjo-Kosai, which pays 30,275¥ at this point. I keep Tomoko's AP and MOOD to at least 60 each, so I can finish Tomoko's BODY (Hips and Curves) while still earning money. I reach AAA with a score of 7035. Then I start accepting ALL STATS jobs (which pays 21,115¥ at this point), and Tomoko takes her first dip into Venus Lagoon (with Junta).

Now I work on and max Tomoko's Skin, since it takes only 30 AP and 2,000¥, and only goes up to 500. Tomoko is earning 40,125¥ from each Enjo-Kosai, and 24,075¥ from ALL STATS jobs. I keep Tomoko's MOOD and AP to a minimum of 180 each, so I can keep earning money while buying ACCESSORIES.

Before I finish buying ACCESSORIES from Grand Gorgeous 21, Tomoko shoots up to SSS, with a score of 10,025. I finish the rest of Tomoko's stats, take a trip up to the Penthouse to get the last card, and finally end Day 15 with a score of 12,494.

Day 16 - 30
Don't need to grind anymore. So Tomoko takes Junta to Venus Lagoon twice a day and does Enjo-Kosai once a day (which now pays 62,470¥). I had Tomoko dating Junta exclusively after filling CAREER stats, so her RELATIONSHIP with him (19,250) is easily high enough to beat her competition.