Amy stood in her garage and looked at the time machine. She had carefully crafted each nut and bolt, each shield and controller, to be just in the right place. Primero had been there, for every moment. Until today.

Maybe it was because she talked about leaving. Maybe Korri was a better catch, with her long legs. Maybe Primero just had a thing for girls who would get naked with him on the gym floor. All the words of love from Primero's lips had left Amy by her tears, as she stood helplessly watching the man she loved pressed himself deeply into the writhing legs of the young gymnast. She thought about slamming the gym door, with a loud, "BAAAAAANG!!!" but thought better of it.

Maybe it just WAS time to leave.

She saw Sana leaving her shop. Her friend smiled at her at first. But when the light hit Amy's swollen eyes, she knew something was wrong.
Sana opened the door back up.
"Let me bring you some liquid courage."
Sana found a bottle of sake and some paper cups. She poured a measure for both of them.
"Bottoms up!"
"What's that mean?"
"It just means you chug it."
Amy did chug it. By the third cup, the sake was having its effect.

Two drunk girls staggered back to the restaurant. As Amy turned the lights back on, she could still smell the spices and sauces from the evening courses.
"I...I should clean up first."
"No need for that."
Sana found a whipped cream can and put a dollop on her fingers. She approached Amy and fed her a lick.
"Do I get more?" Amy asked warmly.
Sana drew a line down from Amy's neck to her chest. She reached over and licked a bit off of Amy's chin. She put another dollop on her fingers.
"I can either put this down your shirt or on your body."
"It would stain my shirt."
Amy. Ever practical.
"Follow me."

Amy walked her friend to the garage.
She reached down and removed her shirt and bra in one motion.
Sana drew a heart on Amy's chest, then dotted her nipples like they were punctuation marks. She held Amy by the waist as she sucked the cream from her nipple.
"What about your shirt?"
"Oh, right."
Sana stepped back, and stripped. Completely. Even in the dim light, she could see her body. Sana's skin picked up the small bit of radiance in the room and made her glow. Her breasts, sloping down into a single shadow, that cleaved her navel.

Sana stepped forward again, with one more dollop of cream.
"Where's that going?" Amy cooed.
She had her answer. Sana knelt and tugged Amy's pants to her knees. The coolness of the cream hit Amy's privates quickly, and melted just as fast; Sana's tongue had the more lingering effect. Amy backed into a prep table. She hoisted herself up, and kicked at her pants until they fell away. Sana used her new position to deeper her tongue's thrust into Amy's nethers, who cried her delight for all the world to hear.

Sana watched her lover spring up.
"What exactly are you looking at?"
"It's my time machine."
"Your, what?"
Amy looked down at Sana.
"I've spent the last few months here, making this machine. And now, I..."
Sana had propped herself on her elbows as she listened. Amy tried not to glance at Sana's pink little crevice as she continued. She failed.
Amy sighed. The glow of Sana's skin was in part from Amy, allowing her tongue and lips to journey from Sana's chin, along and over her breasts, to the salty, pungent depths below.
She looked away.
"Now, I, I, need you to do me a favor."
She approached the craft and opened the door. Sana brought herself to her feet as Amy started to strap herself in.
Amy handed Sana the list she had prepared for Primero.
"Wait a minute, where are you going?"
"With any luck, the year 2100."
Sana looked at the scribble on the wrinkled piece of paper. She wrapped her coat around her naked body as she read the words.
Amy reached to close the door. Sana stopped her.
"So this is goodbye?"
"I'm afraid so."
Sana reached in and kissed her.
"Don't you need clothes there?"
"They're in the hold. I didn't want to fuse with them."
Sana kissed her one more.
"Until we meet again..."
Fire on The Riverbank 1: Amy crosses over
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