Inside the capsule, it was hot. Not a warmth, but a stifling, angry heat.
Amy looked out the window, and discovered, to her horror, that she was surrounded in fire.
Frantically, she disengaged her seatbelt and opened the door.
The heat of the fire hit her immediately. She reached back in the capsule to get her clothes. Alarmingly, the box they were in did not open.
Behind her, she heard something heavy fall. She could make out a door in the distance and she ran for it.

The cold night air was an immediate relief. But just as quickly, it chilled her. Amy curled her body the best she could, trying to warm herself the best she could.
Father will be so angry, she thought, as she tried not to look at the burning building. She stood up and looked across the yard, straining to see the windows of the main house to see if she had woken her family. It was in that moment she realized the house was gone.

The large building that had replaced her family home was imposing - nearly ten stories. Its glass exterior reflected the light of the burning garage, and highlighted the nude figure standing next to it.

My God, she thought. Where am I?

Sana waited a few moments after she threw the switch. A blast of light had gone through the window, then there was only silence.
She opened the door and went back inside. The electrical cable that had been attached to the capsule lay alone on the floor, near the table where she and Amy had made love. Nearby was a shelf, with boxes of handkerchiefs. A trash can with flowers and empty coffee cans.
She gathered the rest of their clothes from the floor. It was then she noticed a stack of paper with writing sat in a box nearby. She sat down and pulled out the first page.

"The Wells Project - A Study in Time Travel
Fire on The Riverbank 2: Burning Bridges