Hey just a few questions:
Does Rosebery or Lovemore have h-scenes?
Is there +18 content or just partial nudity?
Also is Rosebery officially out yet?
Is it the full version or will there be updates to it in the future?

Thanks for any and all info!
  • Binary_Fairy Lovemore is far more PG-13ish then it is original sim girls X. Still an amazing game, but there are no real "H" scenes to speak of, that being said, there is still plenty of NSFW innuendo, and adult-ish photos, that I wouldn't really want to play it in public. Though if you haven't, I would still highly encourage you too. The Game and story really are something else.

    As far as Rosebery's officially released information, it's going to be more of an original Sim Girls, redesign, and it's certainly going to be a lot more adult. Simman has been doing his best with the development of the game, but as with all things, snags happen, you can see the latest developments in the Rosebery section of the site. I would say he is doing his absolute best at ensuring that it gets the Justice it deserves.