Prince Charlie Jacket – Which Kilt Jacket is in style?
Prince Charlie Jacket is maybe the most well-known of all of the different sorts of Kilt Jacket available. It tends to be the one that most people go for when they are looking for a kilt jacket to wear as evening wear or formal wear.

This is because these jackets are the most fashionable and regal jackets that can be worn with a kilt as they show off your kilt’s style and pattern in a way that cannot be accomplished by any other style of jacket. Prince Charlie kilt Jacket comes with a vest or waistcoat. They typically come in black, but there are a number of ways that these jackets can be made. A lot of kilt wearers tend to complement their kilts with these jackets by giving their lapels colorful details to match their kilt color or tartan. They can come in other colors, too, such as a full-bodied royal blue.
blue prince charlie jacket.png