• Keiryu honestly i am just sad that Latias is so far away i would have put HER closer to the front
  • ℟angßøømeՐ Both Mew and Phione are around Registeel if you look a little closer my friends; however, we have none from B/W or B/W 2 and even the new X/Y/Z so this is quite outdated..still whoever drew this wanted us to remember all the legendary up till "now". That's how I see it. ^_^
  • Sarah Anderson Mew is missing, the X and Y legendary pokemon are missing and on a personal note, I don't like that Groudon is so close to Kyogre, and its even worse since Rayquaza isn't in between the 2 of them to make it work!
    • Keiryu i would say having palkia between the two is more then enough to stop any fight they might start and let´s be serious(while discussing a game/anime...) would you realy try anything if the "God" that "Created" you is right behind you(or at least his Ghostly form) ^_^

      honestly i would be more afraid that Mewtwo(manmade pokemon) would go just ape s**t insane and try to destroy Arceus just to prove that he is the strongest around ^_^
  • chronoh I know it's status is disputed but I don't see Phione.