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    • thomas Vampire Hunter D and bloodlust
      ninja scroll
      vampire princes Miyu
      Blood the last vampire
      ... just to name a few that are my favs
    • Ebony nice. my fav is vampire hunter D
    • Chriskris Damm, this picture was very familiar.
      But I watched to many Movies that I can't come up with the name of the movie.
      But Summer Wars is indeed a excellent movie.

      Back to your request.
      Do you want original Movies? or Movies that comes from a serie.
      That makes my favorite list different.
      Do you want to know 1 or do you want to know more?

      For now I say.
      Allmost every movie that comes from Studio Ghibli (Except a few of them. 1 Example is Ponyo.)
      Mardock Scramble

      And i'll leave the rest out of it. Otherwise it's gonna be a long list.
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