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    • kotomifan Nice pic and an interesting story arc. A question on the ending- how would Karin solve her problem? Would she have medicine or gadgets in the time machine other than the DNA gun?
    • Keiryu Pretty interessting even though i would have gone with a diffrent name for the two personallities.

      "Sapphire" Which represent Peace, Happiness and Insight amongst others. Or "Lapis" which is the Stone of Knowledge, Truth and Friendship. If you want to avoid the Pokemon jokes for the Shy Personallity.

      And for the Outgoing Personality i would have personally chossen "Garnet" which represents Passionate Devotion not to mention is said to increase Stamina and Vitality. If you catch my drift. ;D

      But yeah other than that i like the double personality idea it's two girls in one and it would be nice to not simply be given everything instead making you chosse.

      I would also have included a bit more information but other than that pretty good.
    • Kentaro this is cool. keep it up.
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