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    • Kentaro Again, Welcome to the community. Simman answered pretty much all of your question.
      Any questions, and you can ask me, Robin, or Leiryu.
    • SimMan All you need to know here: http://www.blackspears.com/member-rewards.html
    • Keiryu First of. Welcome to the community.

      Now for your question. It's quite simple really. You can either post stuff or comment on other peoples posts. Everytime you get someone to like you post/comment you get 1 point. If you decide to post stuff you also get a point for everytime someone else comments on your post.

      So yeah it's quite simple. Just don't try and spam your own post with comments. It will just lead to you being deleted.

      If you have any question you can always PM either the Admins me and [25669,Robin] or our dear grunt [133988,Kentaro]

      Other then that. Just have fun.
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