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    • kotomifan Dude, we hear you. You want points. But you're going at it the wrong way. I'm not an admin, but I've been a new user before, so I've been in your shoes.
      A few DON'Ts:
      1) Don't like your own posts or be the first to comment. It's a tempting way to make a point or two, but it makes you look desperate.
      2) Don't beg. See #1.
      A few DO's:
      1) Show something that you like about Lovemore, SimGirls, or just life in general. Stick with it.
      2) Read or view other posts. Make interesting comments on them. Be complimentary or inquisitive (or snide and sarcastic, if that's your thing). If they like your comment, there's a point for you.
      3) Look at Akira up there. She's beautiful, powerful, and showing some serious underboob. What direction could you go to from here? More Akira pictures? Strategies on beating Akira? Maybe a true or made-up story or thought about a hot teacher or MMA fighter that Akira reminds you of.
      Mix it up a bit. And good luck!
    • kenneth please comment anyone need to hit 300
    • kenneth I try really hard like seriousyly
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