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    • SimMan Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts on the books. Just some clarifications:

      College is not an official continuation of the old game. Due to copyright issues I really wanted to start a new series, and it is only inspired by Kotomi's ending. Besides, in the old Simgirls Karin and Ami are not the main characters (although they are in DNA2). The only two date-able girls are Tomoko and Kotomi, with Tomoko being the leading actress. College is vaguely based on that structure.

      There is a at least 100-day training phase near the end of book 1 before the SS ball game. Shinichi fell in love with Tassy, he did spend a lot of time with Tassy and the team, and that had changed him a bit from the lone-wolf status. Sadly, he screwed it (and Tassy) after the game.

      Now the infamous Panama papers have revealed that the top Communist leaders have loads of secret money in the international banking system. I just want to bring this up. It's not a direct response to the review.
    • Keiryu Let's get one important thing out of the way. The books are just a small piece of a bigger story. Namely Lovemore is added on top of them and even the College Game can be seen as a side story/Alternate universe.

      Now it should be obvious that not all information would be revealed in the books for that exact reason.

      Now as for the whole "Characters could be more explored." thing. I agree there are a lot of characters who seem to just be there. Namely Ami (i refuse to call her by any other name) and my personal favorite Karin. BuuuuuuuT! I kind of can see why they get less "screentime". It's so that we can have a bigger focus on the Blackspears organization itself.

      SimMan made Lovemore in a way that there is almost no conection to Karin, Tomoko, Ami and Kotomi. Everyone knows they are the mothers of Primero's children. But it's never touched upon that much. SImply because they are not his characters...

      Now for that little "Blood = Wine" Scene. Let's just say...Magic....And or Scrience it was Soham who gave them that wine. He would be able to science some smell tranquilizer. However on a more logical note. They were panicking their only thought was survival, Which we all know how that turned out hehe.

      But trust me when i say. The moment people panik they stop noticing certain things. That includes even certain smells. Sure it's a bitch farfetched but it works. ^_^
    • kotomifan Always a pleasure to hear from another who asks, what is the story behind the story?
      I cant speak for the man himself, but I respect your opinions. Here's a few of mine:

      If you think of SG1 as a fanfic, College becomes a fanfic of a fanfic, taking the story indiections heretofore not even imagined. And this makes Lovemore a "book" in this series, one that extends up many of the paths chosen by the characters in College.
      Amy, Tassy, Karen, Sana and Korri are willing participants in the building up of the chosen one (Primero); when that dynasty crumbles (spoiler) almost as it begins, it's the progeny, not the parents, that work to restore the family name.
      And you may be surprised to see how well the game redeems some of the characters.

      As for Cesar, I see SimMan's vision of him as taken from classical Greek and Roman portrayals of gods, particularly Neptune/ Poseidon.

      Now that you've seen SimMan's concept of his post-Fukoma story, I'd be interested to find out how (or if) that influences your fanfics. Plenty of room on the FreedomWall for them!
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