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  • posted I played Sim Girls for the first time when i was years old, i didn't know how to speak englsish by the time (I'm brazilian) but I really got horny about Tomoko... Now I'm 17. I remember playing Sim Girls on newgrounds again 2 years ago and beeing totally shocked with the developments you guys have made... Congratulations for all your work, you are creating one of the best games I've ever played in my life. Keep it up, I just can't wait for Sim Girls 2 (LoveMore) *-*
    • ℟angßøømeՐ just confirmed that it's: Rsrsrsrsrs * I desperately NEED 'EDIT'* :D
    • Keiryu well it is good for you that you found something nice about the game even tough the game realy went far from beeing just a Erotic game for Kids it actualy developted a story over time that was more set around the beautys who inhabit the world of SG which now with SG2 coming out will only further develop that world and make it more unique....sure maybe the "H" stuff helped but it is not all ^_^

      and it is always nice o hear how people stumbled over this game ^_^
    • Lucas I don't know anyone that laughs like that kkkk I know some mexican guys that laghs like jajaja kkk
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